Children in Bloom
All Over the World

That is the vision and the mission of The Two Lilies Fund, one of the few donor-advised funds to focus on the growing international field of early childhood mental health.

Research is showing that good mental health during the early years is critical to assuring a person’s lifelong healthy development. (Here at Two Lilies we call that BLOOMING!) Consistent, responsive, and sensitive care from the adults in young children’s lives turns out to be the key. That’s why The Two Lilies Fund strives to shine a spotlight on model projects—in under-resourced parts of the world—that are designed to strengthen the social and emotional development of young children and their caregivers. The Two Lilies Fund also supports a range of early childhood leadership development efforts around the globe—such as higher education opportunities and learning collaborative projects—with the hope that countries will orient the educational and social service systems towards the goal of improving the quality of life during children’s youngest years.

Pioneer Class

This short film is about the first international program focused on training masters students from the developing world in the essentials of child development and infant mental health.

The Two Lilies

The Two Lilies Story

Jane West established The Two Lilies Fund in 2014 in honor of her two worldly and nurturing grandmothers, who both, coincidentally, had the same first name—Lillian Loewenthal (1900-1988) and Lillian West (1910-). Many of the core values of the fund are inspired by these two “lilies,” such as an emphasis on building enriching, resilient, and reflective relationships with young children and a love of stories and arts as ways to guide children through the world.

The Two Lilies Fund believes it takes not only a village to raise a child but generations of capable caregivers.

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